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See How AUO Injects Excitement into YY sports’ Hsinchu Concept Store

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YYsports, a subsidiary of Pou Chen Group, is a comprehensive supplier of sports goods and related services. YYSports provides casual, enthusiast, and professional athletes with everything they need to achieve their dreams, from everyday goals like losing weight or running in a 5K to the ambitious endeavors of the pros. A year-round fitness lifestyle provider, YYSports is the partner that helps people from all walks of life meet their fitness goals and rediscover the joy of exercise.

Key Product Features

  • Competitive specifications
  • Comprehensive support
  • Top-flight knowledge and expertise
  • Extensive product range


To better achieve its fitness-oriented mission, YYSports wanted to revamp its concept store, located in Hsinchu Science Park, the Silicon Valley of Taiwan. The aim of the redesign was to infuse traditional shopping with a strong sports-related experience, to assist customers in visualizing their dreams and feeling more inspired to leap forward into exercise. Creating a strong, integrated image for the concept store would not be easy, however, so YYSports felt it necessary to seek out a technology-savvy partner that could provide support for the overhaul.


YYsports sought to create an innovative “sports circle” that would lure customers into the concept store, encourage them to browse and purchase items, and leave them with a lasting positive impression. By enlisting the technology and expertise of AUO, YYSports paved the way for launching unique sporting good retail campaigns that combined the shopping experience with other sports-related services. AUO even made it possible for YYSports to broadcast sporting events and other exciting content in-store in real time.

Game-Changing Ambiance

Featuring LCD and LED displays in form factors suitable for nearly any usage scenario, AUO’s product line includes vibrant display solutions for spaces big and small. AUO’s large-scale displays with extremely narrow bezels are perfect both for installing around the retail space, as well as for creating larger-than-life video walls that amaze and excite.

For YYSports, AUO created a three-by-four panel video wall that can be used for sharing promotional information, highlighting new products, and even broadcasting live sporting events as they happen. Furthermore, with AUO’s cutting-edge digital broadcasting solutions, retailers are able to deliver and control digital content more easily than ever. Store operators just choose the multimedia they want to use, and AUO’s content-delivery system handles the rest.

Uncompromising Quality and Support

We all like to know we’re getting the best. When YYSports chose AUO, they were confident that they were procuring display solutions with the most competitive specs in the industry. Having over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing flat panel displays, AUO is uniquely positioned to supply resplendently colorful and vivid panels that are built to do promotional heavy lifting over the long term.

Moreover, when retailers and other companies choose to work with AUO, they receive not only the best display solutions, but also the knowledge and expertise needed to get the most out of the new technology. After agreeing to work together, AUO and YYSports quickly entered into frequent discussions about the design and decoration of the Hsinchu concept store. This collaborative back and forth ensured that the interface and aesthetics of the displays were perfect matches for the physical interior design of the retail space.


From the inciting inspiration for the concept store to the grand opening, AUO has been a steadfast partner for YYSports. By offering the right products and the know-how and savvy needed to make the most of them, AUO has delivered in a manner that exceeded YYSports’ expectations.

The Hsinchu Science Park concept store is a marvel to behold and is a perfect match for the chic style and discerning customers that live and work in Taiwan’s technology hotbed. As YYSports continues to branch out and expand its footprint in the exercise and fitness industry, it won’t hesitate to reach out the AUO again in the future when the need arises for top-quality display solutions.

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