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Since launching in 1998, AEON Motor Company has been driven by a desire to bring the latest technology to the light motorcycle and scooter market. Speeding ahead of the competition by embracing new trends, AEON is now Taiwan’s second largest electric scooter brand by market share. AEON has achieved this position not only by offering innovative, forward-thinking scooters, but also by ensuring that the customer experience is always top notch.

Key Product Features

  • Integrated marketing
  • Comprehensive service
  • Forward-thinking branding
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Traditional signage and decorations can become old and outdated. With AUO’s multi-screen video walls, our ‘smart’ retail branches can roll out new products and promotions in a quick and timely fashion.

--- Dong Min Lin, CEO


AEON Motor Company has taken an active lead in popularizing electric scooters in Taiwan. But to draw in customers, AEON can’t simply rely on producing excellent products – the retail experience also needs to be designed to attract customers’ attention, boost customer engagement, and demonstrate the power of the client’s product. Seeking to modernize how potential customers interact with its showrooms, AEON Motor Company decided to find a partner who could bring high-tech flair and ambiance to its retail branches.


For its retail makeover, AEON Motor Company recruited the help of AUO Optronics, a designer and manufacturer of display solutions that has been innovating in the marketplace for over two decades. AEON leaned on AUO’s experience to modernize customer interactions and integrate marketing on all levels, strengthening the visual and thematic connections between in-store promotions and social media marketing campaigns. For instance, AEON employed AUO technology to host social events, such as broadcasting races, to help branches connect with motorcycle communities and enthusiasts. AEON also used AUO video walls for hosting remote meetings in response to restrictions imposed by COVID-19 protocols.

Always Up-to-Date Promotions

In retail operations that frequently update product lines and launch new promotions, the burden of setting up and removing physical media such as posters and cardboard cutouts can quickly become overwhelming. By switching to digital display solutions, retailers can streamline the process of rolling out new products and promotions.

AUO offers digital signage in a variety of sizes, suitable for installation in spaces both large and small. The high brightness and contrast of AUO’s digital displays ensure that product images and videos are displayed vividly while also enhancing the lighting and ambiance of retail spaces. Furthermore, AUO’s experience can guide retailers that wish to undertake digital renovations to maximize visual impact, draw more attention, and enhance customer interaction.

Cross-Media Marketing Integration

With AUO’s ComQi Content Management System, retailers are able to completely integrate online and in-store promotions. ComQi makes it possible to control displayed content across all retail branches from one central location. For example, a live stream of a product launch could be immediately shown on AUO digital displays in all retail locations in real time. It’s also possible to schedule content in advance, so that retail displays always have the latest promotional information.

Cross-media integration also makes it easier than ever to send potential customers home with pertinent product information. For instance, retailers can include QR codes on digital displays that link to online product brochures or web marketplaces. By synchronizing the visual design between various marketing elements, retailers can promote a unified brand image and encourage repeat interaction with customers.


AUO has facilitated a major revamp in AEON Motor Company’s branding, allowing AEON to draw in the kinds of young, tech-savvy consumers in Taiwan that have been embracing electric scooters. For instance, AEON recently live-streamed a press conference not only to online media platforms, but also to smart retail branches around Taiwan, allowing in-store AEON shoppers to witness the event as it happened.

With assistance from AUO, AEON has been able to capture a strong position in the electric scooter marketplace, a position upon which the company hopes to continue building. AEON Motor Company has been satisfied with the display solutions and support received from AUO thus far and will not hesitate to consult with AUO again should the need for fresh digital promotion solutions arise in the future.

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