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About Wacoal

Originally opening in Taiwan in 1970, Wacoal has a long and storied history in the lingerie and underwear business. Striking the perfect balance between quality and value, Wacoal appeals to women who want attractive yet comfortable products. The marketplace for lingerie and underwear is competitive, however, and in order to maintain its strong position, Wacoal always seeks not only to ensure its product offerings are top notch, but also to build strong connections with its target audience.

Key Product Features

  • Prominence Booster in Competitive Marketplace
  • Simplified Promotion Updates
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Expert Know-How


Many Wacoal branches are located in department stores, where competition for customers’ attention is fierce. The traditional signage that most retailers employ, such as posters and cardboard cutouts, do not adequately highlight brand characteristics and are not effective for elevating a brand above its competitors. In order to stand above other lingerie sellers, Wacoal realized it needed digital signage that could make advertising more vibrant, attractive, and flexible.


For Wacoal, replacing traditional posters and acrylic signboards with digital signage has made promotional materials more alluring and updating content more convenient. It has also enabled branches to pack more useful information into the same amount of space. For instance, signage can rotate through text, images, and/or videos, keeping customers engaged longer and providing them with more product and promotional information than they could receive from static signage.

Market-Leading Technology and Experience

With decades of experience providing display solutions, AUO is uniquely positioned to understand both the pain points and needs of its clients and provide them with optimal plans for heightening customer engagement and boosting the bottom line. AUO solutions meet or exceed clients’ needs while delivering value that can’t be beat.

All-in-One Digital Signage

AUO offers all-in-one digital signage in 32- and 42-inch form factors. These flat panel displays have sleek, simple designs, and can be paired with custom wooden frames that lend them an air of elegance. With a combination of high-tech aesthetics and modern style, AUO all-in-one digital displays surprise and delight shoppers.

All-in-one digital signage can be placed in windows to lure customers in with vivid product images, or can be installed in-store to guide purchasing decisions. Retailers can use all-in-one digital signage to share a brand story, highlight new products, lead shoppers to the latest promotions, or enliven the in-store ambiance. Furthermore, AUO’s expertise in panel design and manufacturing means that display quality will always be vivid, crisp, and attractive, guaranteeing maximum impact.


When the competition is fierce, a good partner can make the difference between falling behind and coming out on top. With AUO’s digital display solutions, Wacoal has found that managing ads is more convenient and the digital content is attracting more attention to storefronts than before.

Wacoal has been very satisfied with the conversion from physical to digital signage, and hopes to continue working with AUO in the future as it transitions more and more of its traditional promotional materials to digital. The extra convenience and eye-catching power provided by AUO digital signage solutions simply cannot be beat.

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