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ASO Flips the Fashion Shopping Experience on
Its Head with AUO Digital Signage

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About ASO

ASO is a Taiwan-based shoe, fashion, and lifestyle retailer. With a history that spans nearly 60 years, ASO has always made it a priority to keep up with current trends and adapt to the latest changes in the marketplace. Today, ASO has dozens of branches across the island, including storefronts in every major city.

Key Product Features

  • Centralized content management
  • Excellent image quality
  • Future-looking brand image
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Cost-effective performance
  • We’re looking forward to using smart display solutions to provide remote consultation to our customers.

  • AUO was the only partner who was there for us the whole time, day and night, and truly committed to meeting our needs.


In order to meet the challenges imposed by an increasingly competitive marketplace, ASO needed to find new ways to created added value that went beyond the standard in-store retail experience. ASO sought out technology partners that could help diversify its operating model and embrace retail format innovation.


AUO helped ASO set up digital signage and public presentation systems in its retail centers. With AUO’s technology, ASO is able to deploy new ad campaigns to every branch instantly with just one click. The new digital signage streamlines management and imbues every ASO storefront with a modern, chic atmosphere.

Flexible Display Solutions

AUO offers a number of different digital display solutions to suit multiple usage scenarios. High-brightness displays in sizes including 42”, 50”, and 55” are perfect for installing on walls, in windows, and in other spaces where they’ll attract attention and let customers know what’s happening in store.

Meanwhile, stores can use smaller displays, such as long-and-narrow bar type displays, to enliven areas that are typically empty. Bar type displays can be installed on top of shelves, or even below products, where they can provide prices and other useful information. Better yet, all information and content can be changed at any time via the cloud.

Cloud-Powered Content Delivery

When equipped with ComQi’s content management system, AUO signage allows operators to add and update content at any time. Promotional and advertising content can be prepared in one central location and instantly sent to all locations worldwide for immediate display, all with the click of a button.

Using ComQi to display content requires only a compatible AUO digital display and a wireless internet connection. No external hardware or software are needed. Not only does this streamline the installation and management of smart display solutions, it also means that in-store staff don’t have to worry about properly scheduling and updating promotional content. This central control can strengthen brand image and leave a lasting impression with customers.


Bolstered by AUO’s all-in-one digital signage, ASO is ready to face the challenges posed by the modern retail sector. With smart digital signage, ASO is not only attracting shoppers’ attention; it is also communicating the company’s vision, enhancing interactive functionalities, and linking its in-store services with e-commerce platforms.

AUO has provided ASO with a diversified way to boost its brand image. Both ASO and AUO are excited about how the partnership has progressed thus far and look forward to continuing cooperation in the future.

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