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MV Agusta Revs Up Performance and Aesthetics with AUO’s Customized Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard


About MV Agusta

MV Agusta has been making the finest two-wheeled motorcycles since 1945. Their mission is to design, develop, and manufacture the most advanced motorbikes on the planet. To achieve this, MV Agusta combines precision machinery and sophisticated robotics with the knowledge and abilities of its best-in-industry engineers and mechanics. The electronics in MV Agusta motorcycle are custom designed for superior performance, and to this day every engine MV Agusta produces is assembled by hand.

Key Product Features

  • Fully integrated hardware and software
  • Customized interface
  • Optimized aesthetics
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Trustworthy performance and durability


For MV Agusta, every motorcycle is a unique work of art. To keep innovating and optimizing the riding experience for customers, in recent years MV Agusta has put extra focus on the motorcycle dashboard interface. In pursuit of the perfect dashboard display, MV Agusta began scouring the planet for a tech company that could design an uncompromising custom interface for its motorcycles. The ideal partner would be able to handle the dashboard display hardware, as well as the motorcycle-centric UI and UX, and possess a passion for electronics that matched MV Agusta’s passion for motorcycles.


MV Agusta turned to AUO Optronics, a designer and manufacturer of display hardware and software that has been innovating in the marketplace for over two decades. Taking advantage of AUO’s knowledge, expertise, and flexibility, MV Agusta was able to acquire custom-made digital displays that perfectly complemented the aesthetics and functionality of its motorcycles.

Plug-and-Play Design with Custom UI

AUO’s biggest selling point was that they were able to offer an all-in-one solution specifically designed for motorcycles. AUO’s product is a 5” dashboard display with integrated hardware and custom software that can provide performance information and control the functions of MV Agusta’s motorcycles. The dashboard display provides turn-by-turn directions, performance readouts, speeding alerts, and other information pertinent to riders. Meanwhile, Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to connect the motorcycle dashboard to their phones so they can receive notifications and other alerts on the go.

By offering both the hardware and the software, AUO spares MV Agusta the hassle of seeking out and coordinating with separate software programmers and hardware manufacturers. Furthermore, AUO’s dashboard solution is entirely plug-and-play. MV Agusta’s engineers simply insert the panels into the compatible motorcycle models and everything is good to go. The motorcycles and electronics work in tandem effortlessly because they were designed for each other from the ground up, and AUO can continue to add new features at MV Agusta’s request.

Unmatched Performance and Quality

The internals and exterior design of AUO’s displays make them the ideal fit for MV Agusta’s usage scenario. The 5” displays feature super narrow bezels that allow them to complement the aesthetics of MV Agusta’s bikes without feeling like an afterthought. The panels also boast vivid, bright screens that make them easy to read regardless of time of day and weather conditions.

The durability and reliability of AUO panels ensure they can withstand the rigors of the road and deliver excellent performance over the long term. MV Agusta strives to guarantee the best user experience, and AUO does its part to make sure the electronics in every bike live up to expectations.


  • Having experienced what cooperating with AUO has done for its motorcycles, MV Agusta can’t envision outsourcing its digital display needs to anyone else. AUO Optronics’ all-in-one digital displays are the perfect complement for MV Agusta’s custom motorcycles. AUO’s in-house hardware and software design makes procurement a breeze and allows for convenient upgrades and modifications as needed. And the integrated design ensures that MV Agusta’s mechanics and engineers can focus on mechanical performance and aesthetics while entrusting the tech to AUO’s experts.
  • MV Agusta has always aimed to innovate. By partnering with AUO, they’ve assured themselves a position at the front of the pack both in the present and future. Both companies hope the ride doesn’t end anytime soon.

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