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How to Create Digital Signage Content? Get Inspired with These 50 Great Examples

Digital Signage Content Displayed in a Shopping Mall
Digital Signage Content Displayed in a Shopping Mall

Digital signage is a dynamic and adaptable form of communication that businesses, campuses, and restaurants can use to communicate with customers, visitors, and employees. It allows for the creation of interactive and memorable experiences through the display of multimedia content and real-time information. However, coming up with useful digital signage ideas can be a daunting task.

To help with this, we have compiled a list of 50 great digital signage examples that can serve as inspiration for the production of unique content. In this article, we explore how digital signage can be used for advertising, branding, and communication in offices, campuses, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, we examine some common digital signage content examples that readers may have seen before. Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or communicator, this article can help you create digital signage content that enhances your communication and engagement efforts.

Advertising/Branding with Digital Signage Content

1. Sales and Promotions Info

Digital signage content can effectively showcase ongoing sales and promotions to attract customers and increase foot traffic. Vibrant visuals and dynamic animations can create an engaging advertisement for special deals and limited-time offers.

2. Customer Loyalty Programs

Digital signage can be utilized to promote customer loyalty programs, highlighting the benefits of joining and showcasing exclusive rewards. It encourages customers to make repeat purchases and engage with the brand on a deeper level.

3. Enhancing Your Gamified Content

Gamification can be integrated into digital signage content to create interactive and engaging customer experiences. It can include quizzes, challenges, or games that encourage customer participation and drive brand engagement.

4. Displaying Dynamic or Multimedia Content

Digital signage can showcase dynamic multimedia content such as videos, animations, and real-time data to keep customers engaged and informed. It creates a more immersive experience and helps hold the attention of passersby.

5. Using Digital Kiosk Display

Digital kiosks can be strategically placed in-store to offer customers easy access to information, interactive content, or even self-service options. It can streamline the customer experience and provide valuable data on customer preferences.

6. Promotional Content like Graphics and Videos

Digital signage content can display navigational information, including store layouts, product locations, and department directories. It can help guide customers through the store and promote an efficient shopping experience.

7. Showing Social Proof & Testimonials

Digital signage can showcase customer testimonials and reviews to provide social proof and build trust. It can encourage potential customers to try your products or services based on the positive experiences of others.

8. Using Social Media Walls

Social media walls can be displayed on digital signage to show user-generated content, like posts, photos, and videos from satisfied customers. It can create a sense of community and drive further engagement with the brand.

9. Hosting Interactive Campaigns

Digital signage content idea: demonstrating an interactive campaign.

Digital signage content can be used to host interactive marketing campaigns, such as contests or giveaways. It can create excitement and engagement around the brand, encouraging customers to participate and share their experiences with others.

Digital Signage Content Ideas for Offices

10. Business Hours

Digital signage can display the office's operating hours, allowing employees and visitors to easily see when the office is open. The exciting thing is that you can automatically update this information to reflect changes, such as holidays or special events.

11. Company Mission and Vision Statement

Showcasing your company's mission and vision statement through digital signage content can inspire employees and visitors alike, fostering a sense of purpose and shared values.

12. Company Milestones, Achievements, and Awards

Celebrate company successes by displaying milestones, achievements, and awards on digital signage. It can instill a sense of pride and motivate employees to continue striving for excellence.

13. Employee Spotlight

Highlight exceptional employees with an employee spotlight on digital signage content. It can boost morale, promote a positive work environment, and encourage team members to strive for recognition.

14. Upcoming Events, Seminars, Webinars, Etc.

Keep employees informed about upcoming company events, seminars, and webinars by displaying them on digital signage. It can improve attendance and overall engagement with company initiatives.

15. Welcoming Office Visitors

Digital signage content can be used to welcome guests and provide important information about their visit. It can create a professional and hospitable environment, leaving a positive impression on your visitors.

16. Company Announcements

Share important company announcements via digital signage, including policy updates or new hires. It can ensure that employees are kept informed and aware of any organizational changes.

17. Floor Guides

The usage of digital signage content allows for the display of floor guides, which makes it easier for workers as well as guests to traverse the office space.

18. Multiple Branches and Office Locations

If your company operates in multiple locations, digital signage can be used to showcase the various branches and their respective contact information. It can help employees and visitors easily find the appropriate office location for their needs.

19. Streamlining Internal Communication

Digital signage content can streamline internal communication by sharing updates, reminders, and announcements with employees. It can reduce reliance on emails and promote a more efficient communication process.

20. Broadcasting Industry-Specific News

Keep employees informed about relevant industry news and developments by displaying curated content on digital signage. It can help employees stay up-to-date and maintain a competitive edge in their respective fields.

21. Providing General Information

Digital signage content can display real-time information, like weather updates, stock market data, and currency exchange rates. It can be a useful resource for employees who rely on this information for their work or personal interests.

22. Sales Dashboard

Sales teams can benefit from digital signage that displays key performance indicators (KPIs) and other relevant metrics. It can help motivate employees and provide valuable insights into the team's performance.

Digital Signage Examples on Campus

23. Building Directories

Digital signage content can be used to display building directories, making it easier for students, staff, and visitors to navigate the campus and find their desired destination.

24. Library Study Room Booking

Digital signage can display real-time study room availability and booking information, streamlining the process for students and minimizing conflicts over study spaces.

25. Empty Space Rental

Campuses can utilize digital signage content to advertise available spaces for rent, such as lecture halls or event spaces, providing an additional revenue source and promoting the efficient use of campus facilities.

26. Indicators/Destination Boards

Digital signage can be used as a direction guidance tool in schools to help visitors and students navigate the building. For example, it can be used to display the location of the library, shuttle bus schedules, and floor plans of the building. By providing clear and up-to-date information, digital signage can help reduce confusion and increase efficiency in school operations.

27. Workout Videos (Near The Gym)

Digital signage content near campus fitness centers can display workout videos while encouraging physical activity and providing instructional content for students and staff.

28. Canteen Menu Offerings

Display daily menu offerings and nutritional information on digital signage in campus canteens, making it easier for students and staff to make informed meal choices.

29. Wayfinding for Meetings, Seminars, and Events

Digital signage content can be used for wayfinding purposes, guiding students and staff to important meetings, seminars, and events happening on campus.

30. Lost Items Announcements

Digital signage can display announcements for lost and found items, which helps to reunite students and staff with their missing belongings.

31. Internship/Scholarship Opportunities

Promote internship and scholarship opportunities through digital signage content, ensuring that students are aware of valuable resources and opportunities to further their education and career development.

32. Profiles of Staff/Guest Speakers

Highlight the achievements and expertise of staff members or guest speakers on digital signage, promoting a sense of pride and fostering a culture of excellence on campus.

33. A School Schedule with Special Occasions

Display the school schedule and highlight special occasions on digital signage content, including holidays and exam periods. It can help students and staff stay organized and prepared throughout the academic year.

34. Exam Dates and Places

Ensure students are aware of important exam dates and locations by displaying this information on digital signage. It can minimize confusion and ensure students arrive at the correct location on time.

35. Promotion of Student Events

Digital signage content can replace traditional posters by promoting student events more dynamically and engagingly, which encourages greater attendance and participation.

Digital Signage Content Inspiration for Restaurants and Bars

An illustration of digital signage content promoting a cocktail party.
An illustration of digital signage content promoting a cocktail party.

36. Business Hours & Quick Notices

Display business hours and important notices, such as holiday closures or special events, on digital signage to keep customers informed.

37. Menu Offerings with Videos & Images

Showcase your restaurant or bar's menu offerings with visually appealing images and videos on digital signage content. It can entice customers and give them a better understanding of the available dishes and drinks.

38. Broadcasting Live Stream Games or Music Festivals

Enhance the atmosphere of your establishment by broadcasting live games, music festivals, or other events on digital signage. It can attract customers and create a lively environment for patrons to enjoy.

39. Promoting Social Media Presence

Encourage customers to engage with your restaurant or bar on social media by displaying your social media handles and user-generated content on digital signage. It can drive further engagement and help build a community around your brand.

40. Presenting Today's Special Menus

Highlight daily specials and limited-time offers on digital signage content to entice customers and encourage them to try something new. It can also help to manage inventory by promoting dishes that utilize ingredients in stock.

41. Customer Quotes

Showcase positive customer reviews and quotes on digital signage to provide social proof and encourage potential customers to try your offerings based on the experiences of others.

42. Tripadvisor/Yelp Reviews

Display your establishment's positive Tripadvisor or Yelp reviews on digital signage content to build credibility and showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Digital Signage Content You Probably Have Seen

43. Live Travel Information

Digital signage is commonly used in transportation hubs (airports, train stations, bus stops) to display live travel information, like arrival and departure times, delays, and platform or gate assignments. It helps travelers stay informed and plan their journeys accordingly.

44. Retail In-Store Promotions

Retail stores often use digital signage content to promote in-store offers, sales, and special deals. It can attract customer attention and encourage them to explore the store further.

45. Inspirational Quotes

Digital signage can display inspirational quotes, perhaps near a neighborhood cafe, providing a positive message and creating a pleasant atmosphere for passersby and customers.

46. Discount Coupons and/or QR Codes

Businesses can utilize digital signage content to display discount coupons or QR codes for customers to scan and redeem special offers. It can drive sales and encourage customer loyalty.

47. Digital Product Catalogs

Retailers can use digital signage to showcase their product catalog, allowing customers to browse through items and obtain detailed product information. It can enhance the shopping experience and promote informed purchasing decisions.

48. Amenities (Hotels & Resorts)

Digital signage content in hotels and resorts can display information about available amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and spas. It can help guests make the most of their stay and enjoy all the facilities on offer.

49. Maps & Virtual Tours

Digital signage can display maps and virtual tours, guiding visitors through unfamiliar environments and helping them locate points of interest.

50. Appointment Queue Management

Digital signage content can be employed in businesses, including restaurants, banks, exhibitions, boutique shops, transportation facilities, and many more, to manage appointment queues while displaying real-time waiting times and ensuring customers know their place in line. It creates a more organized and efficient waiting experience.

The Versatility of Digital Signage

Digital signage is an incredibly versatile and effective tool for businesses, campuses, restaurants, and more. With the ability to showcase multimedia content, real-time data, and interactive experiences, digital signage can create memorable and engaging customer, employee, and visitor experiences. From advertising and branding to streamlining internal communication and providing wayfinding on campuses, digital signage has numerous applications in a variety of settings. Hopefully, the examples we provided have inspired you to create your own unique content for your organization.

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