eMoto Cargo Application

  • Enhance Management Efficiency

    AIoV allows managers to dispatch and manage all delivery vehicles and drivers remotely with an intuitive web-based management center or the AIoV on the Go app.

  • Cargo Tracking

    With the AIoV map view, managers can plan routes and establish vehicle locations and directions in real time, thus allowing them to track vehicles and cargo. This system could also potentially allow customers to track their orders.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    IoT-based predictive maintenance allows managers to monitor the health of in-vehicle devices and detect problems before business is affected.

AIoV eMoto Cargo Solution

In a big and busy city, motorbikes are often one of the fastest and most convenient ways to deliver cargo. Coupled with the rise of the stay-at-home economy, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for motorbike deliveries. However, managing a fleet of connected vehicles is a demanding and complicated task. Mismanagement may cause extraneous costs, so businesses have a critical need for efficient management and AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution is your choice.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Position Information for Location Tracking in Map View

    With the AIoV cloud platform, managers can plan routes and monitor vehicles’ locations in real time, thus allowing managers and customers to track vehicles and cargos. It also allows them to know the estimated time the cargo is delivered.

  • Real-Time Information for Temperature Monitoring

    With collected telematics data, drivers and managers can monitor the temperature of delivered goods to ensure the quality of the goods. For example, the food will still be warm when it arrives at the customer’s place, so customers can enjoy the food immediately.

  • Scheduling Calendar with the Status of All Vehicles to Schedule and Dispatch Delivery

    The AIoV platform allows managers to monitor the status of all vehicles, such as their positions and time to arrival, so that they can dispatch and manage all delivery vehicles and drivers accordingly with an intuitive and user-friendly web-based management center.

  • Battery Information to Maximize Battery Lifespan

    Managers can monitor the status of motorcycle batteries. When the battery is low, drivers and managers will receive an alert, and if the driver does not recharge the battery in a timely manner, the manager can instruct the driver to recharge the battery. This will increase the battery’s effective lifespan and maximize their usability, thus reducing costs.

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