eBike / eScooter Application

  • Real-time Location Tracking

    With the AIoV cloud platform, managers and customers can track the location of their eBike or eScooter in real-time via the web or a mobile app.

  • Theft Prevention

    The AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution allows managers and users to monitor the position of their eBikes/eScooters in real time to prevent theft.

  • Battery Management

    The battery is one of the most important elements in an eBike/eScooter. The AIoV platform helps owners/operator monitor the status of the battery and optimize battery life.

AIoV eBike / eScooter Solution

Nowadays, eBikes and eScooters have become increasingly ubiquitous, with more and more people using them daily for transportation, entertainment, health, or environmental protection purposes. This has resulted in significant challenges for rental business owners with regards to vehicle management. Both rental business owners and vehicle owners may worry about losing track of vehicles. Thus, the AIoV platform allows them to track the locations of their vehicles. In the event of theft, they will be able to trace their vehicles and find it easily.

  • Real-Time eBike/eScooter Position Information for Vehicle Tracking in Map View

    With the AIoV cloud platform, vehicle makers, users, and rental business owners can monitor the locations of the vehicles in real time with the map view for easy tracking and management. For elderly eScooter riders, the users’ family members can track the users’ locations to find them.

  • Vehicle Tracking for Theft Prevention

    If the vehicle owner notices that their vehicle has been stolen, they can easily track the real-time location information of the eBike/eScooter via the AIoV app or the map view on the AIoV platform.

  • Battery Status Monitoring to Maximize Battery Life

    Vehicle users can monitor the status of the vehicle’s battery; when the battery is low, the user will receive an alert via the web or mobile app. This allows users to recharge the battery before their next use, while also increasing the battery’s effective lifespan and maximizing the battery’s usability.

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