C-V2X Application

  • Open API for Easy Integration

    The AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution offers a standard open API for organizations to connect to different systems and integrate data conveniently for smart city applications.

  • Improve Traffic Safety

    In areas with many pedestrians or vehicles, AIoV allows messages to be delivered to drivers in real time, thereby informing drivers to slow down and improve traffic safety.

  • Reduce Traffic Violations

    When traffic violations occur, the images will be detected, captured and uploaded to the AIoV cloud, enabling law enforcement unit to deal with the violations immediately and thus reduce the number of violations.

AIoV C-V2X Application

Increase Safety

Many unexpected events can occur on the road. If drivers are able to receive relevant information in time, then they may be able to change their routes, thereby helping to prevent accidents or improve traffic safety and conditions. The C-V2X allows vehicles to “communicate” with nearby vehicles, pedestrians, roadside units and infrastructure to improve safety and traffic conditions. Drivers are able to obtain traffic information in real time through C-V2X technology, such as the number of vehicles and pedestrians, or notifications to slow down or change route. They can also receive immediate warnings of traffic jams, dangerous sections of roads, construction areas and so on, thus reducing traffic accidents, improving driving and traffic safety, and contributing to better traffic conditions.

Reduce Traffic Violations through Technology

Traffic conditions and safety can be undermined by a variety of illegal behaviors, such as illegal parking, as well as illegal right or left turns. However, now the license plate numbers of the violating vehicles can be detected and recognized with AI technology, and the illegal events can be recorded and uploaded to the AIoV cloud platform. The data can then be retrieved by law enforcement agencies to assign penalties and fines, thus serving as a deterrent against traffic violations.

  • Open API to Integrate with Other Information Systems

    AUO offers a standard open API, which is convenient for organizations or businesses to connect the system with other systems, thus providing better information integration.

  • Real-time Locations of Buses for Easier Passenger Scheduling

    Passengers can check bus locations in real time via the app or the web, which allows them to schedule their activities or time their trip to the bus stop. Passengers are also able to know the real-time location of the bus they are taking via the in-bus broadcasting system so that they don’t miss their stop.

  • Real-time Information to Improve Traffic Safety

    If the system detects something noteworthy in the route ahead, such as an accident or traffic jam, or the vehicle is about to enter a school district or an area with a lot of people and vehicles, drivers will able to receive a notification ahead of time and decide how to respond, such as changing routes or slowing down.

  • Parking Violation Monitoring and Management to Improve Traffic Conditions

    In areas with heavy traffic, problems such as traffic jams, driving violations, and illegal parking are frequent occurrences. This is particularly true in locations with heavy bus traffic and frequent bus stops. With the AIoV platform, the license plate numbers of vehicles that park illegally or make illegal right or left turns can be detected, and the relevant events are recorded and uploaded to the AIoV cloud. Traffic violations can be detected at all hours of the day, which means this system can reduce the number of violations, thereby improving traffic conditions and safety.

  • Full View Around the Vehicle to Improve Driving Safety

    If a vehicle breaks down, engineers will not have to rush to the scene immediately. Instead, engineers can diagnose the problems remotely and guide the driver in making repairs. If they do need to fix the problems on site, they will know the exact problems in advance and can prepare for the requisite repairs. Remote diagnostics helps to save time and effort.

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